Kerstmarkt Dusseldorf 2023

A walk through Düsseldorf during Advent by Konigsallee is a magnificent experience. The new Angel Market and the Heinrich-Heine-Platz is actually to visit worthwhile.
At the historic Town Hall, the nostalgic market where art craft demos shows.
Between the Christmas markets are the famous shopping streets. Shame by the construction of a new metro line (Wehrhahn-Linie) Düsseldorf half a construction site.
But at the Christmas markets you see none of this.
Christmas markets are on the Marktplatz, Heinrich-Heine-Platz, Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz, Chen Star Market, Schadowstrasse and a skating rink.

Hours open

(start from 17.Nov 2023)

Friday and Saturday until 21:00uur
24 and 25 december closed
Closed on 26.Nov 2023


The various shopping on the Konigsallee are also decorated.
There are 3 galeria-kaufhof in the city where the main are Am Wehrhahn and at Konigsallee .
This to Konigsallee is the most beautiful.
On the communal Weihnachtsmarkt Nordstrasse is since many years the center for young and old.
The Christmas markets are located in the old city center (old town).
The traditional market is at the Town Hall, an original angel market at the Heinrich-Heine-Platz with a snow village next to it.
All Christmas markets are within walking distance.

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kerstmarkt d??sseldorf 2008 kerstmarkt d??sseldorf 2008

Grotere kaart weergeven
De koopzondag op de advent is in de wijk Benrath, Derendorf, Eller, Gerresheim, Kaiserswerth, Oberkassel und Pempelfort ,op enkele minuten van de kerstmarkt met tram en auto.

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21 Nov - 30 Dec 2019
Open van : 11:00 - 20:00 uur uur


21 Nov - 30 Dec 2019
Open van : 11;00 - 20;00 uur uur


21 Nov - 30 Dec 2019


21 Nov - 30 Dec 2019

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